Sound Governance and Human Resources

Planned Activities of the Business Unit 2007 - 2012

This Sound Governance and Human Resources Business Unit have identified nine strategic objectives that it intends to realise in the next five years.  The planned activities of the Business Unit are directly aligned to these objectives.

Strategic Objective 1:  
Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the Councils decision making system and improving communication and understanding

  • Create electronic databases.
  • Acquire of new resources.
  • Set standards for receipt, safekeeping and retrieval of information Intranet and blog development.
  • Develop a Language policy.
  • Formulate a translation procedure manual.
  • Review existing committee system Initiate Institutionalisation of ward committees.

Strategic Objective 2:
Compliance with legislation.

  • Identify, Develop and Review Policies and Bylaws

  • Promotion of access to information act

  • Establishment of dedicated compliance Unit

  • Communicate with business units on relevant legislation.

  • Formulate Employment Equity Plan (Five year Plan) in-line with HR Plan.

  • Annual Reports on compliance submitted.

  • Finalise Job Descriptions and signing

  • Promote Organizational Commitment to Batho Pele Principles

  • Development of service delivery improvement plans (SDIPs)

Strategic Objective 3:
To provide efficient and effective legal services to the wider Msunduzi Municipality

  • Training of Peace Officers.

  • Appointment of Municipal Prosecutors

  • Develop Record keeping systems

  • Proposed Interim reporting Structure

Strategic Objective 4:
To provide an efficient and effective Human Resource Management Service in order to support the achievement of the organisational objectives

  • Review of Employment Policy

  • Recruitment and selection of Scarce Skills in terms of the policy

  • Develop 5 year HR Plan which includes employment equity targets

  • Establish a Personnel Database

  • Staff establishment completed.

  • Timeous filling of vacancies.

  • Orientation of New Staff Maintain job descriptions for all jobs

Strategic Objective 5:
To promote and maintain a healthy employee relations climate and industrial peace in order to achieve organisational and employee effectiveness.

  • Acquire Labour Law cases' software and train staff.

  • Develop industrial action management plan

  • Train Supervisors and Managers in Grievances and Disciplinary procedures and conflict resolutions.

  • Train Supervisors and Managers as presiding officers.

  • Finalisation and approval of Employee Assistance Policy

  • Survey the abuse of sick leave and unauthorised absence in the workplace.

Strategic Objective 6:
Contribute Towards Employability & Self Employability of Youth and Community.

  • Coordinating Training Needs identification

  • Plan & coordinate Career Exhibitions

  • Develop a policy to incorporate work exposure

  • Run Community Awareness Raising Workshops Provision of skills programme

  • Awarding of external bursaries.

  • Placement of interns

  • Coordinate the training of emerging contractors

  • Liase with procurement to include skills transfer clause in all contracts with experienced providers

Strategic Objective 7:
To ensure a competent workforce to achieve organisational objectives.

  • Roll-out implementation of Adult Basic Education and Training Programme to all at NQF Level 1 Development and implementation of Councillor Development Programme Workplace Skills Plan is developed and implemented Qualifications audit is conducted Conduct workshops on training identification for Training Committees Recognition of Prior Learning assessment tools developed Establish and effect marketing strategies Develop and link Career Pathing Policy with succession Policy from HRM. Implementation of Career pathing guidelines Establish database of service providers Effective evaluation of training. Develop service standards Establish an effective training database Resource Centre establishment Promotion of e-learning Motivate and Budget for the training Centre. Finalisation of Multiskilling and Multitasking Framework and Policy Conduct assessments of finance, senior managers and procurement and develop implementation plan (Municipal Finance Management Act) Implementation of the Leadership, Professionalisation and individual Capacity Building Strategy Conduct Skills Audit on the first 4 levels of the organisational structure and develop a 5 year implementation plan Review ABET Policy and roll-out of the ABET programme. Award IDP learnerships, Apprenticeships, Section 28, Bursaries and Scholarships Fundraising for Councillor programmes Conduct Councillor Training programme with time frames.

Strategic Objective 8:
Improve organisational efficacy and measure results.

  • Implementation of Performance Management System

  • Increased productivity of staff

  • Promotion of Private Public Partnerships Evaluate the effectiveness of restructuring

  • Strategic Alignment of SBU strategy with Organisational Strategy

  • Develop a programme in collaboration with CSP towards the development of the Organistional Strategy.

  • Train staff for strategy facilitation.

  • Knowledge Management System is implemented throughout the organization

  • Quality Management Policy is approved and implemented

  • Employee procedure and policy manual developed.

  • Workflow processes defined and adjusted against the required standards.

  • Ensure the availability of all policies (Policy Manual) to employees and councillors

  • Implement and monitor the training of all staff and ward committees on Batho Pele principles.

  • Climate Survey finalised & interventions identified.

  • Promotion of ethic throughout the organisation

  • Corporate Image is established & communicated to all

  • Finalise the Fraud and Corruption strategy and co-ordinate the development of the policy.

  • Create awareness of the strategy / policy

  • Transformation Workshops conducted to all staff.

  • Establish and train the Planning and Performance Measurement Steering Committee.

  • Performance Management System and Remuneration Policy is developed

  • A system for performance assessment developed in line with policy Initiate pre and post training evaluation for both supervisors, delegates and provider

  • Conduct productivity surveys Identification and Training of Mentors and Coaches

  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Durban University of Technology

Strategic Objective 9
Effective Financial Management

  • Conduct assessments of finance, senior managers and procurement and develop implementation plan (Municipal Finance Management Act)

  • Submission of Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report.

Sound Governance and Human Resources

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