Msunduzi Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Rescue Services
033 845 5900 (24 HOURS)
033 845 5960 (24 HOURS)

Fire & Rescue Emergencies Only
080 003 3911 (24 HOURS)
033 845 5911 (24 HOURS)
Msunduzi Municipality has a Crisis Communication Centre which operates 24 hrs a day and is located in the Fire, Rescue & Disaster Management unit in Pietermaritz Street.

The Crisis Centre receives calls for all fire, emergency rescue and hazardous materials incidents, and crisis related humanitarian services requests for assistance, and dispatches the associated emergency resources.

Some of the Services offered are:
Fire Fighting (building, transport, grass, bush, plantation etc.), Rescue from transport accident, steep slopes, water related and hazardous materials incidents as well as any other emergency humanitarian crisis such as extreme weather related incidents (heavy rain, wind or snow).
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