Situated just 45 minutes from Durban, the busiest port in Africa, and astride the country's busiest development corridor, the N3 highway connecting Durban to Gauteng, South Africa's financial hub, this is the Capital City of the Province of KwaZulu Natal, the City of Choice.
Pietermaritzburg, the second largest city in KwaZulu Natal, is a colourful, picturesque, modern city located in a broad basin surrounded by a range of thickly forested hills, hence, the tag 'Sleepy Hollow'. Of course, the city has since shaken off this tag and has woken to an era of unprecedented growth, particularly in the property and retail sectors.
The declaration of the city as both the administrative and legislative capital of the province has boosted both external and internal investor confidence, resulting in the city's economy growing at an astounding rate. The Business Confidence Index for the city for the second quarter of 2004 is 81, a clear indication that businesses are positive and confident about the current and future state of business in Pietermaritzburg.

  • Rates: 100% rebate on rates on buildings in the first year, decreasing by 33% thereafter.
  • Electricity: 20% discount on standard tariff for 5 years. No charge on basic service connection.
  • Water: No charge on connections.
  • Refuse removal for Small factory - free service for 5 years.
  • Refuse removal for Large factory - free removal of one 1,75m³ container for five years.
  • Building plans: Refund of 'Building Plan Approval' fee.
  • Effluent Treatment: Volume rebates negotiable.
Any other concession critical to the operation of the new business will be considered by the council.

Pietermaritzburg has a diverse economy with a robust manufacturing sector that is excelling in exports to markets as diverse as aluminium products, cut flowers automotive components and furniture.

The city has achieved unprecedented growth in economic activity since 2003, with business confidence very high. The property and retail sectors have grown by at least 30% since 2003. Major recent developments include the Liberty Midlands Mall, the Golden Horse Casino and Hotel, 'Motor City' - a zone of all the established motor dealerships and the recently approved Victoria Country Club Golf Estate.

Add to the positive economic environment the fact that the city has the first fully integrated Chamber of Business in the country, and that the council has a multi-disciplinary Investment Facilitation Team, a 'one stop shop' for investors and the result is a city well positioned to do business.

Current Economic Activities:
  • Industrial - Aluminium, footwear, textiles, furniture, wood products, electronics, motor components.
  • Agriculture - Timber, beef, dairy, sugarcane, citrus, exotic fruit, cut flowers.
  • Business - Major service centre for the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands area, legal services.
  • Tourism - Parks and Gardens, historical buildings and architecture, dams.
The City welcomes investment in all sectors.

  • "The Msunduzi Municipality is the most co-operative, knowledgeable and proactive I have ever dealt with". - Jim McLean, MD Liberty Properties.
  • "I can say without reservation that Msunduzi Municipality did everything in its power to smooth the way for me to move my operation to Pietermaritzburg". - Gary Owen, MD Plexicor.
  • "I have never encountered a more positive and pro-development municipality". - Prof. DV Soni, KZN Development Tribunal.
Pietermaritzburg is more than just a favourable investment destination. It is also one of South Africa's most desirable residential cities with well laid out suburbs, exemplified by some of the best schools in the country and the internationally acclaimed University of KwaZulu Natal. The city's verdant greenery, leafy suburbs and wealth of colonial architecture make Pietermaritzburg a beautiful place to live in.

The city boasts a proud sporting legacy and is internationally renowned as the home of the Comrades Marathon, Duzi Canoe Marathon and the Midmar Mile. These events, in conjunction with attractions such as the Royal Agricultural Show, Art in the Park and Cars in the Park, make Pietermaritzburg a burgeoning events city.

  • Legislative and Administrative Capital of the Province of KwaZulu Natal.
  • South Africa's most populace province.
  • Strategically located on the country's busiest highway, the N3.
  • 45 minutes from the Durban Port and International Airport.
  • Excellent network of road, rail and air linkages.
  • 7 direct flights a day between Johannesburg International Airport and the city's Oribi Airport.

It's simply because this is a great city in which to live, raise a family, and do business.
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