Performance Management

A Municipality's Performance Management System (PMS) is the primary mechanism to monitor, review and improve the implementation of its IDP and to gauge the progress made in achieving the objectives set out in the IDP. In addition, a Municipality's PMS must also facilitate increased accountability, learning, improvement, provide early warning signals and facilitate decision-making.

The performance management system monitors actual performance against set targets and contractual obligations. Effective service delivery relies upon the IDP, efficient utilisation of all resources and the performance management system being closely integrated across all functions at an organizational and individual level.

The most valuable reason for measuring performance is that what gets measured gets done.

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) outlines how the challenges of sustainable development in a Municipality are to be met through strategic interventions and service delivery over the five year period. The IDP is developed by the Municipality in conjunction with the community and a credible IDP must be supported by a realistic budget. The IDP is supported by a Municipal Scorecard which sets out the key deliverables over the election period in a log-frame format.

Once performance planning has been completed and departmental SDBIP's are in place, they need to be implemented by executing the work in accordance with these plans. As the work is executed, it needs to be continuously monitored and periodically measured and reported on. Reporting requires that the Municipality takes the priorities of the organization, its performance objectives, indicators, targets, measurements and analysis, and present this information in a simple and accessible format, relevant and useful to the specific target group, whilst meeting the legal prescripts for reporting.

Legislation that governs performance management in local government includes the Municipal Systems Act (MSA), the Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations (MPPMR), the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), the Municipal Performance Regulations for Municipal Managers and Managers directly accountable to the Municipal Manager and the Framework for Programme Information (FPPI) issued by National Treasury.
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