Msunduzi Municipality Valuation Roll

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2014/2017 Valuation (1st Supplementary included) 
2011/2014 Valuation

A printed copy of the Consolidated and Supplementary, Full Title and Sectional Title can be viewed at:

4th Floor, Valuation Division - Professor Nyembezi Centre, 341 Church Street,.
For enquiries please telephone 033 3922296

Index to Rating Codes representing the Dominant Use Of Property

Reason Codes for Valuations

78 (1) (a)
Incorrectly omitted from the valuation roll
78 (1) (c)
Subdivided or consolidated after the last General Valuation
78 (1) (d)
Of which the market value has substantially increased or decreased for 
any reason after the last general valuation
78 (1) (e)
Substantially incorrectly valued during the last general valuation
78 (1) (f)
That must be re-valued for any other exceptional reason
78 (1) (g)
Change of rates category
Administrative corrections

Valuation Roll Objection Forms

Objection Forms can be downloaded from the respective Valuation Pages.

Objection forms are also available from the Msunduzi Municipality 
Valuation Division Offices located at - 4th Floor,  - Professor Nyembezi Centre, 341 Church Street.

For enquiries: 033-3922296
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