Drinking Water Quality


Since the launch of the Blue Drop System in 2008, Msunduzi Municipality has participated in this excellence approach to drinking water provision and water quality performance.

During the first round of the Blue Drop assessments Msunduzi Municipality managed an overall score of 92%. Blue Drop criteria however became stricter within the second round, with emphasis on excellence, which impacted on the scoring. Msunduzi Municipality's overall score for the second round, which was conducted in 2010, was 73.2% and was based on the evaluation of two systems. It is important to note that Blue Drop Assessments are not only of drinking water quality but also the business of the provision of drinking water which includes areas of Water Safety Plans, process control, drinking water quality programmes and credibility, as well as drinking water compliance and submission of drinking water results with the inclusion of publication of results and asset management.

Msunduzi Municipality is presently being assessed for the 2011 Blue Drop Accreditation process and has acquired an overall compliance of 98.3% for microbiological compliance. The Blue Drop assessment will be finalised by July 2011, in Cape Town.

The municipality is confident that the scoring this year will show the work performed by the municipality in the consistent improvement of the provision of drinking water to the area and further assures all residents that Msunduzi Municipality's potable water is safe to drink.

The Drinking Water Quality Compliance Rating of  Pietermaritzburg (Msunduzi Municipality) can be viewed on the Department of Water Affairs website by clicking on 'My Water'.
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